About us

The JURANKO S.M. Company has developed from a family craft which has been building various tools and spare parts for the paper industry since the 80’s.

After expanding it’s range of activities and a series of demands for producing other kinds of cutting tools for other industries, the company was founded under it’s current name in 1989 and employs workers that average 20 years of experience in the field of manufactoring cutting tools.

Because of wide variety in terms of cutting and various production procedurs we devote great care to selecting the right materials for manufacturing our industrial machine knives. In our effort to produce high quality industrial machine knives we use only high quality tool steel, high speed steel and powder steels. Also special care is given to grinding and sharpening of our industrial machine knives.

By adopting new techologies, investing in machinery and insisting on quality within agreed deadlines, JURANKO S.M. is now in a position that 70% of it’s products are exported to Europe and the world countries.

  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Finland
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Switzerland
  • Belarus
  • Lithuania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Serbia
  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Estonia
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • Chile
  • Hungary
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Luxembourg
  • Egypt
  • Romania
  • Poland

These statictics allow us to recomend to you JURANKO S.M. as a reliable manufacturer of cutting tools.

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Juranko S.M. d.o.o.
I.G.Kovacica 10, 10434 Strmec
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Phone: +3851 33 84 759
E-mail: info@jurankosm.hr